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With major investments in research and development and the finely honed skills of its personnel, SanMarco represents the global standard for terracotta building materials.
Tradition, innovation, quality, safety and environmental sustainability are the values that inspire company policy in all its spheres of action.
SanMarco produces a broad range of roofing tiles, facing bricks and special elements for all architectural and construction needs.
Our discerning selection of clays and rigorous quality controls ensure the highest level of quality.
SanMarco has combined the most advanced technologies and the principles of bio-compatibility throughout its range of products. Tiles, bricks and accessories are produced with carefully selected clay: an environmentally friendly material that ensures excellent performance.
We use the state of the art technology to ensure an extremely efficient production line and a rigorous quality control. 
SanMarco roofing tiles are the result of the famous attention to detail typical of the Italian industrial tradition. From the careful selection of raw materials to design innovations, each step in the process has been devised to assure the greatest flexibility of use in every tile. 
The variety of shapes and colors reflects the incomparable “made in Italy” look. 
SanMarco facing bricks represents true Italian tradition, the fruit of time-honored expertise that is unmatched within the field of terracotta building materials.
The range of SanMarco facing bricks provides a broad selection of surface textures and colors for incomparable chromatic effects.
Today as in the past, master artisans create special pieces by hand for customer specifications.

Every SanMarco product meets the requirements for  marking